Stress Resilience Program

Stress Resilience Program

150.00 every 2 weeks for 4 weeks

Research indicates that stress has a strong impact on diabetes, autoimmune conditions, gut health and mental health. 

So if it is hard to avoid, we each react and feel stress differently, we, therefore, each need to manage stress differently. More importantly, we each need to build our resilience, our ability to bounce back from, to stress differently.

This 8 module self paced program is designed to help you to identify what stress you, how you feel it and how you can recover, adapt and become resilient to stress. If we know what stresses us, how we feel it, then we can start to take action to decrease the impact stress has on our physical, mental and emotional health. 

The course will cover

What is Stress- how to identify stress: symptoms, tests and easy at home tips

Impact of Stress- why do we even need to worry about stress

What you can do help you stress less and manage stress better

 - Food

- Drink

- Sleep

- Movement

- Breathing

- Mindset

- Boosters to help you through the tougher times