I Get It

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So today I didn’t eat breakfast. I could give you all sorts of reasons/excuses – no spinach for my usual green smoothie, no decent nut butters in the house, too lazy to fix eggs, etc. The end result, I didn’t eat breakfast.

I also didn’t exercise, despite this being the best day to do so in terms of my schedule. Why? Because…

I also slept poorly last night…probably because I forgot to meditate. I was worried about a bunch of silly things so my mind was way too active to sleep, despite my body being exhausted.

Tonight, I sit here tired and feeling like my brain has already gone to bed. With a slight headache (how much water did I drink today?) and am reminded why I need to do all these small but important things for my day to day health, both physical and mental.

Today I did not live to my own standards. I went against my own personal philosophy on health and against the advice I give my own clients.

I have spent, and continue to do so, many years learning, practicing and living a healthier life. I know why breakfast is important, I know that exercise is great energy booster, I know worrying is an energy zapper and how best to manage it. I know that good sleep is the cornerstone of health.

Why am I telling you this? So you know that I get it. I get it that some days we can’t do those things that we know we need to do. I get it that we may chose to have an extra 20 minutes in bed instead of getting up and exercising. I get that some days we run out the door with a coffee/chai in hand instead of sitting down for a proper breakfast. I know that we may forget to take the recommended supplement. I get it.

Do I judge you? Hell now. Because I get it. Some days I live it. We all have those days. But I also get, know and believe that we can’t let those days becomes weeks and those weeks become months, etc. And if you have, then it needs to stop.

So I do get it. I won’t judge you. What will I do? I will support you. I will guide you. And yes I will challenge you, I will question your motivations, thought patterns, and resulting actions. And most importantly, I will celebrate your wins, whatever size.

I will meditate tonight and dose up on magnesium before bed to ensure a good nights rest. Tomorrow, I know I will eat a proper breakfast (spinach is back in the house). I may not have time to exercise so will make sure I take stairs where I can, park a bit further away from the door and try to sit outside for lunch for a dose of sunshine. I will get myself back on track or ask someone to help me.

So if you want to improve your health, your sleep, your energy and want to work with someone who gets it, give me a call. My clinic is located at New Lambton in Newcastle, NSW.

Now is there ice cream in the house???  ;-)