Frequently Asked Questions

What is a naturopath?

A naturopath is a health practitioner who uses medicinal herbs, nutrition, diet and lifestyle advice to help people improve their health. 

Also, a naturopath believes that addressing the root cause of a health issue is the best way to achieve sustainable health. Symptom management is important too. Combining both allows you to feel better sooner and longer.  

I furthermore believe that the rapport between my clients and me is therapeutic in and of itself which is why I have a counselling qualification. I listen and give you the space to be heard, to vent, to feel supported and understood.  

What can I expect in a first appointment?

The initial consultation is a bit of an extended game of 20 questions with advice and support throughout. To help you best, I need to understand how all your systems are working hence the many questions. 

This is because no one system in the body works in isolation. So if one is suffering, say your gut, then it may well be that your immune system is overworked and you are catching every bug that comes around. Or say your skin is dry and itchy, well that could be as a result of your diet, hydration and/or how well your gut is working. 

These questions allow me to understand which is the root cause as well as the body (and mind) wide impact of your health issue. Supporting the root cause as well as the resulting symptoms allows for health that starts today and lasts for many tomorrows.

When can I expect to feel better?

When you book an appointment with me, I understand you have reached your pain-point. Whatever you are suffering from has reached a point where it is no longer acceptable, no longer tolerable so something needs to change, and it needs to change quickly.

One of my first goals is to achieve just this - give you relief from bloating, give you more energy, whatever the case may be. This short-term relief usually happens with the first 5-7 days. 

The real work and the real benefit though comes from making changes to your foods and lifestyle whilst providing healing herbs or missing nutrients to get you well past your pain point and into sustainable health. This can take weeks, months and in the case of serious gut issues, years. 

The sooner we get started, the better you feel and the quicker it begins. 

How many appointments will it take?

Most issues would benefit from at least three appointments over 6 weeks.

For SIBO treatments, this differs based on the results of the breath tests so we will discuss this when we review the results. 

Where are you located?

My clinic is co-located at Newcastle Health Collective at 19 Queen Street in Cooks Hill, NSW (Newcastle). 

Depending on the day and time, parking can be challenging. Please allow extra time. We do have a lovely waiting room if you come early to have a sit and relax.

I can also do consultations via Skype or phone.

Do you have EFTPOS facilities?

I am able to take payment from any debit or credit card. I prefer not take cash, strictly from a risk perspective. Let's chat if this an issue from you.

Is any cost covered by Medicare? Or by health funds?

Naturopathy is not covered by Medicare. 

Unfortunately, due to recent changes in legislation as of 1 April 2019, my services are no longer covered by health funds. This legislation is being reviewed and I will update any changes as they are made.

What testing do you do?

I have access to a range of testing, depending on what you need. Some are done at local pathology centres and can be urine or blood. Usually areas to test are hormones, MTHFR and gut function (based on a stool sample) 

I also do intolerance testing, which I can organise directly from my clinic.

Do I have to do the testing, take the herbs and nutrients? 

No, an amazing amount of benefits can be achieved from diet and lifestyle changes alone. 

However, I only suggest the tests, herbs and nutrients if I truly believe you need them. I understand there are financial or other constraints you are facing, so I work with you within these constraints. 

The only exceptions are SIBO, thyroid and iron supplementation. Investigations are required. 

If you have any questions not answered above, please feel free to reach out and ask.