Time to Put You First

One of the common themes I hear in my clinic is that many are putting their health on the backburner whilst they care for others (especially kids) and/or focus on their career. Taking care of family and career progression is important yet for these people, their health suffers. Not just their physical health but also their emotional and mental health. 

I also see that their health has been slowly deteriorating as they focus elsewhere. The stress of this outward focus is compounded by the constant worry of wondering when they get to put themselves first and experiencing health deterioration.

I love to see people take that first step to put their health first. Making an appointment to see someone, like a naturopath or any other health professional, stops the cycle of worry and stress plus creates a sense of hope. My clients will often say “I am so glad I made this appointment. I can’t believe I waited so long.”

This hope is based on:

Feeling supported to make a change, which includes knowing what changes need to be made. This can vary from simple dietary changes to a complete overhaul based on a new meal plan. Testing may be required to ensure the health issue is identified and quantified.

This support can also come from nutrition. For example, a B complex for increased energy and stress support or magnesium for relaxation or anxiety. These short-term interventions help people overcome the hurdles of starting and maintaining change in their diet and lifestyle.

Having accountability – working with a health professional can mean that you have someone in your corner supporting you but also holding you accountable. Making changes is not always easy but having someone cheering for you and challenging you to stay on track can make all the difference.

Finally, putting your health first means that you are better able to look after family as well as perform at your job. There is a proverb “You can‘t pour from an empty cup” so make the time to put your health first. You will feel better physically, emotionally and mentally and will be better able to support and care for those around you.

Please contact me if you are looking for support, accountability and a laugh or two to get you back to your healthiest version of you

Sara KnightThe Gut Clinic