Feel like you are 5 months pregnant by the end of the day?

Wake with a flat calm stomach which distends and gets uncomfortable as the day passes?

Bloating, where the stomach feels hard, tight and full, is quite common and one of the main conditions I treat in clinic. Some people only occasionally suffer whereas others have been suffering from years. In addition, the bloating will impact their usual day to day, from which pants to wear to avoiding certain activities as they are simply too uncomfortable to enjoy.

Bloating is caused by too much gas in the digestive system or disturbances in the muscles of the digestive system.

Some simple tips to try to avoid bloating:

Eat slowly – this allow time for the food to be broken down by the enzymes in the saliva and decreases the amount of air entering the digestive system

Chew your food thoroughly – allows the food to be broken down decreasing fermentation

Eat smaller meals – too much food leads to slower movement through the gut, allowing for fermentation to occur

Avoid carbonated drinks and beer – the carbonation increases the gar in the gut

Decrease the amount of fibre in your diet – and slowly introduce back in.

Peppermint oil – great for calming the muscles in the gut, decreasing tension (avoid when pregnant or breast feeding)

If these simple tips don’t give you the relief you deserve, then it is time to look at other issues such as:

  • Inability to break down food properly – usually seen with poor gut health and/or stress

  • Eating the wrong foods – an intolerance test to understand what foods suit you best

  • Imbalance in the bacteria in the body – we need the right bacteria our body to break down fibre. An imbalance therefore can lead to bloating.

Although talking about digestive issues can be embarrassing, bloating is a sign that your body needs some extra help. Don’t ignore or accept it, try the tips above or get some help.

Feel free to contact me for individualised help and support to rediscover your healthy gut.

Sara KnightThe Gut Clinic