Here is some feedback from clients who have worked with me.
I am grateful that I get to meet and spend my days with these kinds of people!

I am always happy to talk to you about how I work and what you can expect from me.
Please get in contact if you'd like to learn more. 


"I felt like you really understood and cared. I found it easy to talk to you about my concerns and raise issues with you. I felt like you really understood and cared about the results and why it was important to me that my skin improved, where as other people have sometimes been a bit dismissive of it.

You were really flexible and willing to work within my budget, which I found really helpful. You also gave me choices which was great. You presented me with options for my treatment and gave me the positives and negatives of each and let me decide, based on what I was wanting, which was really client centred.

You were great also with always offering to contact if I needed extra support with the plan or things weren’t working out. The results for me have been really positive, my skin has really improved over the last few months and I feel more confident about it." - Kathleen V.

"Sara seems to bring out the best and/or happiest in me & inspires me to continue my self-healing journey with her support & encouragement.

Her determination & pursuance to resolve a problem is very satisfying as I know she is always working for my cause, even when I am not there, the sign of a true healer.

We have solved some lifelong diagnosed medical problems; replaced some minerals that have nearly turned me into a new person; honed in on dietary related issues which have also changed my health for the better; introduced an allergy related diet and product controlled lifestyle to deal with inflammation; & introduced a way of living and thinking that will only go to continue to improve my life! 

It has really helped me look forward to a much happier more supporte future." - Julie Ann P.

"From our first consult I felt like I connected with you, I never felt judged and I felt ease and openness in discussing anything that was going on. I continue to work with you because I need accountability and support from someone who had the health knowledge rather than just chatting to a friend. Also, I really like your gentle, realistic approach to treatment rather than hard-hitting and life-altering overhauls. Finally, you "proved" to me that your protocols worked right from the get go and right smack bang in the middle of the most disruptive and life-changing time of my life which really established that unwavering level of trust in your protocols." - Belinda L.

"I feel that you are a fantastic listener and provide a soft spot to land for me. I feel like there is no judgment when I talk to you, no guilt trips, no condescending attitude. I've seen practitioners in the past who didn't refrain from showing disappointment when I might have been less than compliant with treatment. While I understand that it might be frustrating as a practitioner to have a client not do what you ask of them, what I needed at that time was a bit of understanding and empathy, and perhaps a different approach and focus for treatment. You provide that.

I feel as a practitioner you are interested in not just what I'm experiencing physically, but also my emotional, mental and spiritual health, and that's important to me. You provide well-rounded care. As well as looking to make dietary adjustments and add herbs and supplements where needed, you also ask me things like, 'where is your joy'?

I also feel that you are quite knowledgeable on herbs, nutrients, and supplements and you have an appreciation for the scientific aspects of health and wellbeing." - Camilla B.