“Food is medicine or a slow form of poison.”

Food Clarity program
Intolerance Test and Support

This package allows you to understand what food you can eat, what food suits you best and how to feel amazing using the right foods for you!

Many of you are confused as to what food to eat - these are healthy foods, but you still feel awful. But not every time. So then you get frustrated. Maybe you wondering if you are better off eating crappy foods. (No, you are not by the way.)

Your list of foods is getting smaller and smaller - you are either not sure or actually afraid to eat.

Everybody reacts differently to foods. some get reflux, others get a runny nose. Some get achy joints, others fall into a food coma. Some get diarrhoea, bloating, or wind. Others it is brain fog and fatigue.

An intolerance test can get you comfortable eating foods right for you, not worrying, stressing or simply avoiding. An intolerance test can highlight to you what foods are causing you to feel this way. More importantly, an intolerance test tells you what foods YOU CAN EAT.

This package includes:

a)    Initial consultation to understand your health concerns, get some tips to start feeling better sooner

b)    Hair500 intolerance test results and review consultation – what does it mean, how to implement

c)    Follow up consultation 4 weeks later to see how you are progressing and how best to support your health going forward.

Individually these items total $580.

Paying up front provides cost certainty and commits you to better health.


Cost is payable up front, no refunds are provided.