“Food is medicine or a slow form of poison.”

Hair500 Intolerance Test and Support

This package allows you to get the food right using the results from the Hair500 test.
Also, you get three appointments with me to:

1)    Get the support you need each step of the way – answer any questions, overcome any hurdles, celebrate your progress

2)    Assistance is understanding and implementing the Hair500 results

3)    Hints and tips to help you feel better faster

4)    Unlimited email support for the 6 weeks

This package includes:

a)    Initial consultation to understand your health concerns, get some tips to start feeling better

b)    Hair500 intolerance test results review – what does it mean, how to implement

c)    Follow up at the 4 week mark to see how you are progressing and how best to support your health going forward.

Individually these items would total $540.

Paying up front provides cost certainty and commits you to better health.


Cost is payable up front, no refunds are provided.