Hair500 Intolerance Test

The Hair 500 Bio Compatibility system is the result of over thirty years of research and development by a qualified naturopath in Australia.

This is a Naturopathic Wellness program which is used in more than 20 countries.

Who will benefit from this test?

This test provides a list of foods to avoid and, equally important, a list of foods to eat to help with issues such as:

  • Reflux, bloating, cramping, constipation, diarrhoea
  • Skin issues such as acne, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis
  • Low energy, brain fog, joint pain
  • Poor immunity

What our hair analysis test covers?

Our standard Australian test covers a list of over 500 standard list — including all food groups, bathroom, laundry, and kitchen products.
This includes common local brands (specific to each country in which the test is conducted) found in supermarkets and health food stores. Each item is tested in the form it is usually consumed (both raw and cooked where applicable).

We have two more speciality lists — one for testing Australian Baby and another for pets.

We are also able to perform an additional tests for compatibility against your patient’s pet’s fur/feathers provided a sample of the relevant pet’s fur/feathers is provided. The cost is $5.50 each item.

How is the test performed?

A small hair sample is taken and sent for processing. If hair is not available, a saliva sample can be analysed.

The technique is based on the way in which the foods and products we use affect the flow of energy through the body. If the energy systems within the body are compromised in any way by a food/product that is biologically incompatible, the cells cannot function optimally. This may lead to an immune response, inflammation, and ultimately reactive symptoms.

Using hair samples, Bio-Compatibility testing identifies the influence (either positive or negative) that each of a wide range of foods and products has on the delivery and storage systems in each cell. In this way, we are then able to determine which foods and products should be avoided and which should be consumed/used.


A comprehensive report is available usually within 5-7 business days.

An executive summary, from me based on analysis of your diet and the results, is provided that outlines the foods and products to be avoided. In addition, I give you some hints, based on feedback from clients, to implement the changes easier.


In many cases, people will experience a benefit and/or reduction in symptoms within days.

Usually at the 4 week point, there is usually a 60-80% improvement in symptoms when compliant with the results.

Others may need another 4 weeks to start to experience the maximum benefits.

If this level of improvement is not experienced and you have been compliant, then issues such as bacterial imbalances and/or parasites will need to explored.

Next steps

Please download and complete this form {Hair500 Application…doc{}

A hair sample can either be sent or dropped off at my clinic.