Why You Should See A Medical Herbalist

Why You Should See A Medical Herbalist The Gut Clinic Sara Knight Newcastle Naturopath and Herbalist

There are many different reasons to seek the support and care of a medical herbalist such as myself. Thought I would share a few to see if any of these resonate with you.

  1. You want natural treatment options. This position may be due to past history in which pharmaceutical options didn’t work or simply a greater level of comfort with natural interventions. Regardless, the natural approach is for you.
  2. You want a holistic treatment plan. As a medical herbalist, I look to create a treatment plan that includes the food you eat, how you sleep, exercise, nutrition and herbs. This may be a new way to approach health for you or possibly a tried and true way that suits you best.
  3. You want to address the root cause of the issue in addition to symptoms. For example, a sleeping pill does not fix the reason you are not sleeping. We have herbs and nutrients to help you sleep of course. In addition, we also look to understand and address why you are not sleeping – neurotransmitter imbalance, hormone imbalance, chronic stress, not enough sunlight, etc.
  4. You’ve tried other treatments and they didn’t work. Or they made it worse. A holistic approach that looks to address the root cause of your issues is commonly a great option when other treatments have failed.
  5. You want time – to explain, to understand, to discuss. We spend at least 30 minutes together each session so we have time talk about how you feel, what you want to achieve and how best to go about it.
  6. You want to be heard. Your symptoms and how you feel is the driving force in deciding how best to support you getting back into balance. A blood test may not always provide all the answers. You are each so beautifully unique so we can’t all fit into the reference ranges of every blood test. If you are in the normal range of say iron and Vitamin B-12 and still feel tired, let’s work on the multitude of ways to getting you more energy and better sleep.
  7. You want sustainable health improvement. If what you are doing now is only addressing the issue for a short period, then this is not sustainable health. This is short term fragile health. For instance, if you get a sinus infection at least once every winter and you take antibiotics, you get rid of the infection (this time.) Instead, let’s look to find out why you get the infection and address that – is it the dairy foods you have, an imbalance in your gut flora, damaged mucous membranes. Let’s address these issues so you have create sustainable health for this winter and the following winters to come.
  8. You want to invest in your health now for better health in later life. As we get older, we see the health decline in our elders. We see the multitude of pharmaceutical drugs they each take– and some may not even know why. We start to appreciate investing in our health now so we can enjoy those golden years.

If these resonate with you and you would like to explore natural health options, please contact me for a consultation. There are many options, many of them quite simple, that we can discuss to help you regain you energy levels, improve your immunity and your overall mental health.