Top 8 Tips To Chose An Eating Plan That Works For You

Top 8 Tips to Choose an Eating Plan that works for you Sara Knight The Gut Clinic Naturopath Newcastle Herbalist

We are fortunate to have many ways to support healthy eating.

There is research being released daily into overall eating plans, the benefits of specific nutrients and the harm certain “foods” can do to our bodies.

Not all plans are created equal. Some of us remember the Grapefruit Diet and possibly the Cabbage Diet. Not great options for short term or long term health.

More reputable plans include:

  • Mediterranean Diet – centred on plant based foods, olive oil, fish and wholegrain carbohydrates with the goal of heart health.
  • DASH Diet – created to assist in managing blood pressure, diabetes and healthy weight, this plan is focused on vegetables, fruits, low fat dairy, healthy fats and lean meats.
  • Paleo  – a new take on an old approach that is based on meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Going back to the diet of our ancestors is intended to regain heart health, healthy weight and optimal blood sugar levels.
  • 5:2 diet – restricted calories 2 days of 7 is believed to regain/maintain healthy weight, prevent chronic diseases and promote healthy aging.

Others include FODMAPS, vegan, vegetarian, ketogenic, Wahls Protocol and the list goes on.

Such a wealth of information and many choices can be a bit overwhelming at times. Especially when some say a plan is beneficial and then other sources say the plan is not good.

To assist you, here are my top 8 tips for choosing a plan with the goal of health and vitality.

  1. Variety – there must be a wide variety of foods. I often tell my clients the more types of foods you eat, the greater the spectrum of nutrients. The better your nutrient intake, the better your health. 
  2. Rainbow of fruits and vegetables – linked closely with a wide variety of foods is the goal of eating as many colours of the rainbow each meal, especially in fruits and vegetables.
  3. Flexible – the plan must allow for individual tastes, budgets, and medical considerations. Lack of flexibility can mean the plan is less likely to help you achieve your health goals in the long term.
  4. Must include protein and fats – necessary for every cell and many biochemical actions in your body.
  5. Excludes CRAP:
    • Carbonated drinks
    • Refined sugars
    • Artificial foods and additives
    • Processed foods
  6. Sustainable – many plans, especially weight loss, are designed to help you achieve your health goal in the short term but lack the education and support to help you stay healthy in the long term. The plan must address maintenance of health goals.
  7. Resonates with you – when you are eating healthy in a way that suits your body, you will feel lighter, stronger, better. So this level of cellular resonance needs to be considered – and will be unique to you. What suits you may well not suit another.
  8. Holistic – includes recommendations on exercise, fluid intake and mindful eating are ideal and create a greater potential for success as these are important aspect of health and healthy eating.

These are high level recommendations that are intended to suit most people. The approach that suits you best is based on your current state of health, your goals and your risk factors. 

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