Cold Sores – Natural Relief… At Last

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As may of you know, I am all about the gut. And it is true, I love helping people find natural ways to calm an irritable and painful gut, soothe an anxious mind and/or clear inflamed and irritated skin. My own gut issues are what led me to being a naturopath so I understand the journey, understand it well.

Another journey I know well is cold sores. Both my parents get reoccurring cold sores so maybe I have a double genetic whammy and that is part of why I used to get cold sores, A LOT. Genetics, stress, immune, possibly. What I do know is:

  1. In every school picture in primary school, I have a cold sore. Every. Single.Time.
  2. I still have scars today, small but I see them, from previous cold sores.
  3. In my hey day, I would have a single cold sore that would take up half my upper lip with another small one or two on my lower lip. My whole head hurt, my face itched, my glands were swollen and and I felt so very ugly. And this happened every month for a few years when I was at Uni.

I now only get a cold sore maybe once or twice a year now – when there is a change in weather. Usually they are small, don’t spread and heal within a few days.

To get here, I have tried many things. Pharmaceutical, natural, food, lifestyle, I am sure I have tried most things. Some worked, some only for a little while (such as the nature of a virus, it is adaptable.)

Combine this real life experience with principles of naturopathy and I now have a set treatment plan  that works very well for most cold sores.

So when someone comes to me and asks what can be done, I am thrilled to be able to share what I have learned. And I am asked a lot so I know some of you are suffering or maybe someone close to suffers and needs some help.


Because of the acute nature of most cold sores and the fact some of you may need help outside of business hours, I have decided to put together a webinar that can be downloaded at any time.  The webinar will cover:

  1. What is a cold sore? What are the different types of cold sores?
  2. What triggers cold sores?
  3. What are the stages of a cold sore – and the treatment for each stage.
  4. When to get help?
  5. How to prevent cold sores?

I will also put together a pack of my favourite supplements, amino acids and creams to help you heal quickly and prevent future outbreaks that can be purchased from my website.

Whilst I do put this together, I will share some cold sore tidbits over the next few weeks on my Facebook page (Sara Knight Medical Herbalist).

If you need help sooner, then please feel free to book in for an appointment.

Otherwise, keep an eye out for the webinar. No need to suffer any longer.